Building Academic Library 2.0

Building an Academic Library 2.0

Of the speakers, the speech given by Meredith Farkas, was really impressive in that she pointed out the way Library 2.0 could be functioning to reach out to its clients. The five key advices she gave on building an academic library were:-

Working to meet the changing needs of the users, that is knowing the users, assessing their needs and examining what’s their expectations of services and systems.

  • Believing in our users, trusting them, listening to them and giving them a role in planning out the services of the library.
  • Getting rid of the culture of perfect, be willing to experiment and be active as an organisation, by continuously improving services based on feedback.
  • Being aware of emerging technologies and opportunities, looking for partnerships, being aware of library trends and giving opportunities for staff to try new technologies.
  • Looking outside the library world of applications, opportunities and inspiration.

As a Distance Education student, I am a frequent user of the Charles Sturt University Library. As a user, I can see that the library is on the way to building the library as an Academic Library 2.0, suggested by Meredith Farkas, for its main vision for its library is ‘your library anywhere, anytime’, which is how an Academic Library should function to cater to the needs of its clientele.

CSU Library is working towards these goals of meeting their clients’ needs in their own space. The Library has already started to reach out to its clientele, through its Library blogs, by communicating with its patrons through social networking tools like twitter, Facebook, news feeds, promoting books and updating latest news and events, through blogs. Realising that mobile technology is the upcoming trend in the present technological world, the Library has also included, a set of links that could be accessed through mobiles, where patrons are able to access journal databases, E-books and ‘Ask a Librarian’. through their mobiles. through My Mobile. Patrons are also given the opportunity to provide feedback on the services and voice out their expectations.


Farkas,M. (2008) The essence of Library 2.0, Retrieved from

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